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silkroads's Journal

Silk Road Romance: A Rome/China Community
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Welcome to Silk Road Romance, a livejournal community dedicated to the pairing of Rome/China from Axis Powers Hetalia.

Here, you are free to post any discussions, fanworks, links and information (even random tidbits of info) pertaining to this pairing. Discussion about the actual nations/empires is fine but do try to keep it mostly on the Hetalia characters as well.

The rules to posting are simple:
→ Be sure to stay on topic. And by on topic, I mean anything Rome/China.
→ No spamming, flaming or bashing. Please be courteous to other members and their opinions.
→ If you're posting images larger than 300x300px, please use an lj-cut.
→ Tag your posts so they're easier to find later on.
→ When posting fanworks, be sure to use this format:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):

If you'd like to affiliate with Silk Road Romance, feel free to comment here or message your mod, unasuvas and I'll respond as fast as I'm able to!

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ancient rome, china, china/rome, roma antiqua, roman empire, rome/china, silk road pairing, sino-roman relations, the silk road, wang yao, 絹の道組